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Company Profile

What We Do

We are an engineering company, offering a unique and comprehensive quality control solutions. Our line of products include state of the art quality control management system with mix design, mix optimization and testing features. Innovative and patented admixture dispensers. All designed to facilitate the work flow with maximum control over the final results at minimum cost.

Our Mission

Dedicated to improve the construction industry day-to-day experience, Contek is committed to find state of the art solutions to overcome the daily obstacles. Our team, comprised of engineers, programmers and field professionals, are fully committed to lead the industry into the 22nd century with advanced, sophisticated and comprehensive solutions that would create a user friendly, efficient environment.

A Key Player in the Industry

Working in a narrow and highly specialized market, we have aligned ourselves with predominant companies such as Lafarge North America, Colas Inc, and Essroc Canada, by investing thousands of hours in development, keeping up with new technologies and acquiring the latest, most innovative products available in the market.

Our Vision

Contek aim to build a home for the construction industry, where top notch quality control solutions are available for every branch of the construction industry.

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