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Contek & Renocontrol merging

Renocontrol and Contek, two major players in the construction industry and civil engineering as service providers and software manufacturers, mark a major milestone by joining forces.

This venture will usher in a new era in the field of high technology production and quality control. "By joining Renocontrol experience in the automation field and control manufacturing to Contek recognized in the development of efficient software production control, we create tremendous value for the industry," quoted both companies in a joint statement earlier this week.

"This is a perfect dynamic" said Cyrille Renaud (Renocontrol President) and Sébastien Carpentier (Contek President). "Both companies are passionate about the promotion of quality control, an essential component of each operation. We are poised to bring to the industry the next generation of products incorporating both the automation and software part."

Contek and Renocontrol have always had a particular interest in developing strong alliances with innovative companies and forward-thinking market. Each collaborating for several years with industry leaders and the new entity is now poised to offer many new quality services.


RENOCONTROL familiar with most dispensing systems used in the concrete ready-mixed industries and asphalt can provide, install and periodically inspect equipments used for measuring flow, temperature, weight, moisture and torque. RENOCONTROL is a member of the Quebec Concrete Association.

  • RENOCONTROL innovates: Integrated admixture weighing systems. 5 to 200 liters capacity with a 1 milliliter accuracy for the capacity of Conveyor scales on mobile crushers (such as Metso).
  • In the aggregate industry: On-board weighing systems for loaders, tippers truck and trucks. Conveyors scales with real time tonnage collection via intranet and / or USB storage.
  • In the concrete industry: Carbon dioxide pH monitoring systems for wastewaters.
  • Our experience dates back to the late 50s where lever scales and analog potentiometer values were displayed on mechanical dials!

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