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LABsys Benefits


Reduce/ Save Man Hours by 50% in:

  • Mix design/Sales submittals
  • Duplicate data entry for aggregate tests
  • Compiling monthly report
  • Reduce efforts for strength reporting/review

Utilize these new found Man Hours for:

  • Analysis of data: Optimize existing mix designs for
    • Raw materials cost
    • Performance
    • Workability
    • Finishability
  • Investigate new raw material and/or sources
  • Investigate new combinations of materials
  • Allow for additional hours spent in the field

Evolve / Expand QC Program

  • Include specific gravity data for coarse aggregate
    • Reduce over-yield
    • Save on raw material costs
  • Eliminate the hardcopy of the monthly report
    • Further reduce/save man hours
    • Enable easier review of analysis
    • Reduce /save man hours
  • Initiate electronic transfer of Mix design/Sales submittals
    • Set industry standard
    • Reduce photo-copy time
    • Reduce time spent on delivery

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