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LABsys Overview

Complete Lab and Production Quality Software

A single application that enables you to manage your quality control test results, lab equipments, as well as various contracts and projects, regardless your domain of expertise (aggregates, asphalt or concrete).

Designed for Concrete, Asphalt, Admixture and Aggregate Producers and Laboratories. labSYS is separated in 4 modules to meet your production and testing requirements. The modules also cover Plant Certification, Technician Certification and Testing Equipment Calibration.


  • Mass Mix Modification Process

    • Make multiple modifications at once
    • Select Mixes using powerful filters
    • Displays original and modified values
    • Identification of rejected Mixes
    • Export modifications to production system
    • ...and more!
  • Batch Analysis

    • Automatic transfer of Actual weights
    • Link between fresh Concrete tests
    • Link between hardened Concrete tests
    • Prints Target, Actual And Mix information
    • Cost, yield, w/c, and Unit Weight analysis
    • ...and more!
  • Batch Alert

    • Compares Actual to Mix weights
    • On screen warning messages
    • Emails on out of tolerance loads
    • Set tolerance on Cement, Water and more
    • Turn process On/Off for specific Plants
    • ...and more!
  • Submittal Package

    • Generation of one single pdf file
    • A complete submittal in minutes
    • Prints transmission letter
    • Prints individual Mix designs and Mix list
    • Includes Cement mill test reports
    • ...and more!


Reduce/ Save Man Hours by 50% in:
  • Mix design/Sales submittals
  • Duplicate data entry for aggregate tests
  • Compiling monthly report
  • Reduce efforts for strength reporting/review
Utilize these new found Man Hours for:
  • Analysis of data: Optimize existing mix designs for Raw materials cost, Performance, Workability, Finishability
  • Investigate new raw material and/or sources
  • ...and more!

Exemple of Payback

PaybackFor example, if a concrete mix yields 27.3 cubic feet, that is .3 cubic feet (or 1.1%) more than is required. If a contractor can reduce his order by 1.1%, at a price of $100 per cubic yard of concrete, the concrete producer will lose $1.10 per cubic yard in sales. Additionally, if the materials for the concrete mix cost $75 per yard, the concrete producer will have to ship $0.82 more material than is necessary. This results in a total loss to the producer of $1.92 per cubic yard. Typically concrete mixes are proportioned to yield between 27.00 cubic feet and 27.2 cubic feet. A slight overyield reduces potential contractor complaints.

One potential outcome of this analysis is that the concrete mixes in the batch plants should be evaluated to make certain that the correct material densities are being recorded. In most cases the measured unit weight is actually less than the calculated unit weight. However, these values can change over time and it may be difficult to keep all the mixes updated without a computerized mix management system like labSYS. If the client can save $0.05 per yard by monitoring yield, that can result in a savings of $17,500 per year.

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