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SEEmix Overview

Concrete Mix Design Software

SEEMIX III is like Excel on steroid! It’s a database system that will hold and manage all you need to produce and generate your mix designs. From aggregate to admixtures, SEEMIX III can hold all your products. In addition, it can manage your aggregates and concrete test results. Those results can ultimately be used to generate individual test reports or advanced statistical reports.

Typical users of SEEMIX III range from laboratory technician to Quality Control managers but SEEMIX III is also used by concrete plant managers, engineers and consulting firms all over the world.

SEEMIX II is not just a “mix design” program. it is a meant for anyone who must:

  • Analyze concrete mixtures proportions
  • Determine mixture
  • Adjust mixtures for changes in raw materials or ultimate performance characteristics
  • Submit mixture proportions and analysis Input aggregate and concrete samples
  • Generate individual test reports Generate statistical reports and graphs

This includes engineers, governmental agencies, contractors as well as concrete producers, testing laboratories and precast companies. Also, many Universities use SEEMIX III as a teaching tool.


  • Helping Concrete Producers

    • Management of Test Results
    • Extract Statistical Data
    • filtering capabilities
    • Spot trends
    • ...and more!
  • Mixture Analysis

    • Yield
    • Workability
    • Mortar factor
    • Combined aggregate grading
    • Cost
    • ...and more!
  • Mixture Adjustments

    • Adjust mixture proportions for changes in material specific gravities
    • Adjust for changes in ambient conditions
    • Mixture reporting process
    • Previous mixtures easy to locate
    • ...and more!
  • Mixture Proportioning

    • Air content based on exposure condition
    • Cement: Water/Cement Ratio
    • Cement: Historical statistical over design
    • Aggregates : Combined Fineness Modulus
    • Aggregates : Workability factor
    • ...and more!


Get a quick look at some features of SEEmix. (We will soon release a more -design- version of our software! Be ready for some change!)

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