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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhen I print my LABsys reports using Adobe Acrobat Writer some of the text is compressed and some words are unreadable. How can I fix this problem?

AThis problem usually occurs when using a portable computer and is caused by a default screen setting preference used by Windows. This problem can be solved by changing your advanced screen settings to 96DPI (Dots Per Inch) instead of 120DPI

Using Windows XP
1-Right click on your Desktop
2-Go to Properties (Display properties)
3-Select the Settings folder
4-Click on the Advanced button
5-From the new window, select the General folder (Note that this window can change based on the brand and model of graphic card)
6-From the DPI setting drop down select Normal size 96DPI

QWhen entering data in the Soils and Aggregate module, my % 80µm test result cannot be viewed or printed when working with a 5-10 mm aggregate size. What can I do?

AIf the results from 80µm sieve does not have to be washed, make sure that there is a value assigned for the «initial mass» and «mass before washing», to ensure that the calculation can be done correctly. You must input values for the desired sieves to obtain the correct % passing in the report screen.

QWhy am I unable to view the menu screen or option buttons in their entirety?

AYour screen resolution needs to be adjusted. In order to change your configurations, begin from the start button, access settings, then options and change your resolution to 1024 x 768. If this option is unavailable, you should upgrade the graphic card in your computer.

QHow do I export my data information to the MTQ?

ATo help guarantee efficient data transfer, access the “ Route “ field in the Contract/Lots screen and fill in the following path. Route-Troncon-Section 99999-AA-AAA, or 9=Number and A- letter

QI cannot print my reports from LABsys.

ACertain older printer models are incompatible with the newest version of LABsys prompting error messages or system crashes. A more recent printer model will ease this problem and assure the proper functionality of the LABsys system.

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